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How Long Can Car Spray Paint Last

How Long Can Car Spray Paint Last

Except for the worst materials and worst practices, using a red putty instead of primer or using a 1k primer, it will last 3 or 5 months or 1 year and a half, and will cause a lot of small bubbles (like prickly heat on a child). Other materials or practices by using an automotive spray gun can be used for at least 2 years or more without counting the gloss and rubbing.

Precautions after painting

Check the color difference between the car paint and the original paint

the whole car paint. To tell the car owners, in the spray paint by automotive spray gun, first of all check the paint and the original car paint color is consistent or not. Because some paint engineers of repair shops are not good enough, coupled with the poor quality of the paint sprayed, so it seems to have low quality. In addition to some of the car paint has big color difference, so it is recommended that owners check the color of the paint in the sunlight, so as to look more carefully.

Checking the flatness of the paintwork

For some car owners, due to the poor quality provided by the repair shop, after the sheet metal spraying, the whole car paint surface is not flat, and there may be some pitting and impurities on the paint surface, and in serious cases, there may even be the phenomenon of flowing paint, so it is recommended that car owners must choose some 4S stores or repair stores with guarantee when they paint.

Do not wash the car or contact some other items

For the car just sprayed, it is best not to wash the car when the paint is not dry, and it is best not to drive out when it is raining to prevent the rain from leaving traces on the paint, and not to let the paint come into contact with some substances such as chemicals or oil, because these substances can cause damage to the car's paint. And do not cover the car paint just sprayed, because the paint is not dry, these items will cause some scratches on the paint, it does not look very beautiful.

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