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What Are the Precautions when Using the Spray Gun?

What Are the Precautions when Using the Spray Gun?

1. After each work of the spray gun, it should be washed carefully, especially the nozzle of the spray gun and every hole of the hood.

2. The spray gun should be thoroughly cleaned (removing the nozzle, hood, and needle) every day before get off work. When cleaning the air holes, it is strictly forbidden to use hard steel wires (such as pins, and paper clips) to stab the air holes to avoid deformation of the air holes and slight deformation will affect the fogging effect.

3. After the spray gun is cleaned, lubricate all the detachable friction parts with the special lubricating oil for the spray gun, and be careful not to apply it on the front end of the gun needle.

4. When disassembling and installing the three-piece nozzle set of the spray gun, it should be operated in strict accordance with the procedures (gun cap - gun needle - gun nozzle). Violation of the operating procedures may easily lead to the occurrence of phenomena such as bursting of the spray gun nozzle.

5. The three-piece spray gun nozzle set shall not be arbitrarily exchanged with other nozzle sets of the same type, and one of the parts shall not be replaced alone.

6. When adjusting the hood of the spray gun, the font on the hood must not be inverted. Otherwise, the uniformity of the spray pattern may be affected.

7. It is recommended to install an air pressure gauge at the rear of the spray gun to adjust and control the spraying air pressure. The stability of the air pressure can ensure that the spray color is uniform and the thickness of the paint film is consistent.

8. It is strictly forbidden for the spray gun to immerse the whole gun in the cleaning solvent, so as to prevent the solvent from entering the air pipe of the spray gun and causing damage to the spray gun.

9. If the air pressure of the spray gun is too low, the orange peel pattern of the paint film will be serious and the atomization will be poor; if the air pressure is too high, the phenomenon of "dry spraying" of the coating will occur, the gloss of the paint film will decrease or the adhesion of the paint will decrease, and atomization will also occur. Uneven phenomenon (the paint on both ends of the spray gun is more than the middle part, that is, the phenomenon of "lifting bars" and "clouding" that is often said).

10. Check the fastening of each part before each work or after cleaning the spray gun. Especially the fixing bolt of the spray gun spraying air pressure adjustment knob.

11. Keep the air holes of the spray gun cover unobstructed, otherwise the paint flow will be too small.

12. The plastic leak-proof ring in the spray gun pot should be kept intact. If it is broken, it should be replaced immediately to prevent the paint from dripping from the pot mouth.

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