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Tips on Using The Auto Spray Gun

Tips on Using The Auto Spray Gun

Auto spray gun is a kind of equipment that uses liquid or compressed air as power generating device and it is widely used. In our daily spraying operations, we always feel that the effect of the automatic spray gun does not meet our expectations, but we do not know how to make the  auto spray gun work in a good state. How to make the auto spray gun perform well? What problems deserve attention when using?

Ⅰ. How to make the auto spray gun perform well?

1. We need good air pressure and meet sufficient air pressure to make the atomization more refined; 2. We need good pipeline connection and reasonably distribute the switch air pressure and atomization air pressure and the size of the air pressure; 3. Good oil supply is required and enough oil supply is a good guarantee for stable and uniform atomization. Only when these conditions are met, the auto spray gun can perform well.

Ⅱ. Tips for the use of auto spray guns.

1. The auto spray gun should be carefully rinsed after operation, especially every hole of the nozzle and hood.

2. Conduct a thorough cleaning before leaving every day. When cleaning the air holes, it is strictly forbidden to use hard steel wires to avoid deformation of the air holes. Small deformations will affect the atomization effect.

3. After the car paint spray gun is cleaned, apply special lubricating oil to lubricate all detachable friction parts, and be careful not to coat the front end of the gun needle.

4. When disassembling and installing the three-piece nozzle set, strictly follow the procedure of "replacing the nozzle set". If the operating procedure is violated, it is easy to cause the nozzle to burst and crack.

5. The three-piece nozzle set should not be exchanged with other nozzle sets of the same model, and one of the components should not be replaced separately.

6. It is recommended to install an air pressure gauge at the rear of the auto spray gun to adjust and control the spray air pressure. The stability of the air pressure can ensure uniform spraying color and consistent thickness.

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