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What are the Key Reasons to Focus on Spray Gun Market?

What are the Key Reasons to Focus on Spray Gun Market?

A spray gun is a small pneumatic tool that can spray a variety of media, including ink and dyes, but in most cases is sprayed through an atomization process. China spray gun has developed rapidly in recent years, with large foreign companies building production plants or joint ventures with Chinese companies in mainland China one after another, with roughly 7.12 million guns produced in mainland China in 2018 and roughly 11.07 million expected by 2025.


For manufacturers who have already entered, they need to continuously innovate on existing products to further raise the technological threshold and break the vicious competition; quickly occupy the market by reducing costs and thus lowering prices as a strategy to develop an incremental customer market and establish a market share advantage; build a brand image and lay an advantage for entering the consumer market; attract as many developers as possible and develop various Only in this way can we have the capital to occupy a larger market share in the fierce competition.


Industry Environment Analysis of Spray Gun

Spray gun is a device that uses liquid or compressed air quickly released as a power, can be used in construction spraying, is an essential tool in the decoration process; can be used in the field of vehicle spraying, used as automotive repair spraying, automotive OEM spraying, railroad vehicle spraying, etc.; can also be used in metal spraying, plastic spraying, wood products spraying, industrial spraying, nano-material spraying, art spraying and other fields. Spray gun is developed with the development of the automotive industry and coating industry, with the development of the global automotive and coating industry in recent years, the spray gun industry has also continued to develop, product categories continue to increase, the application areas continue to expand.

Although China's spray gun industry started later than developed countries, but in recent years, with the development of China's economy, the automotive industry and coating industry have gained rapid development. China's spray gun industry has also gained rapid development, the industry is increasingly expanding, industry standards gradually improved. Under the trend of industrial transfer in developed countries, more and more foreign enterprises entered the Chinese market of industrial paint gun, engaged in product development and production, promoting the improvement of the technical level of China's spray gun industry. At present, China has become a global gun production power, the product is also exported to Europe and the United States and other countries.


China's gun production enterprises are more, but the scale of enterprises are generally small, the market is mainly occupied by foreign investors and joint ventures. And compared with advanced foreign gun manufacturers, China's local gun manufacturers invest less in research and development, the overall technical level is low, product homogenization is serious, mainly concentrated in the middle and low-end market competition. China's gun industry in high-grade, high-tech gun production still has room for development.

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