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The Use of Paint Spray Gun and Paint Filling

The Use of Paint Spray Gun and Paint Filling

The paint spraying is a key step of the paint process, you need to do this job with high quality and due care. If you paint improperly then the object appearance, will be negatively affected and easily seen in the different lighting conditions, as a worse case the paint be damaged or could even cause personal injuries. That is why it is very important to understand the application method of the good paint spray gun. We will introduce more details to everyone in the article below:

Precautions before using the paint spray gun

1. Spray gun nozzle cleaning

In order to guarantee the quality of the product, there will be a lot of anti-corrosive oil inside the new industrial spray gun which never has been used before. You must first remember to clean the anti-corrosive oil contained inside of the new paint spray gun completely before you use it, otherwise it will seriously affect the paint application or even worse, it may prohibit its use.

Normally we can use the paint thinner to clean up the anti-corrosive oil. (The paint thinner is a colorless transparent liquid which is used the most in the paint production process, its formal name is diluter, thinners or solvent oil. The paint thinners volatilize easily, burn immediately when it meets the fire, it will cause the fire or explosion accident if it is used improperly.)

You soak the nozzle in the thinners to clean it out completely, saving up the used paint thinners for the reutilization. (Unused thinners should be placed in the open space to let it volatilize itself, you must avoid spilling the thinner and pay attention to fire prevention). The grease and metal shavings of spray gun nozzle and thread on other parts also need to be cleaned out completely.

2. Cleaning of the paint spray gun interior

You need to use the paint cup to clean the spray gun interior. The specific method is to fill 1/2 cup hot soapy water into the paint cup, then install the paint cup onto the industrial paint gun, then forcibly shaking the gun to clean the paint cups and straws, lastly spray the soapy water out off the spray gun to clean the interior.

Filling the spray gun with paint

First of all, you are required to mix the paint to be used in the paint bucket evenly as instructed by the paint manufacturers recommendations, then you need to transfer the paint into the spray gun paint cup after the paint has stood still for about a minute after mixing it. You can use the tools such as funnel and so on to prevent the paint spattering when you transfer it into the spray gun paint cup, the paint bucket should be resealed as soon as possible after the filling is completed, to avoid the paint volatilizes or cracked dry.

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