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Spraying Steps of Paint Spray Gun

Spraying Steps of Paint Spray Gun

What shall we do If there is a phenomenon of walls and furniture surface paint peeling? Of course we need to repaint it, at this moment we may need some professional tools, such as paint spray gun, so how to use the paint spray gun?

The operating principle of paint spray gun

Paint spray gun is special tool to use for paint spraying, the main principle of paint spray gun is to use the air pump to turn the gas into high pressure and spray it out with the paint, making the paint into fan-like paint and spray on the equipment or the surface of rolled steel, to form a flat paint film.

How to use the paint spray gun?

1. Pour the paint

After completely stirring the paint which needs to be sprayed evenly, pour it into the paint cup under the paint spray gun, try to pour all the paint into its paint cup as much as possible, after that seal the paint bucket and industrial spray gun well, to prevent paint volatilizes.

2. Spray coating

We need to keep the paint spray gun about 20cm away from the object which needs to be sprayed, pressing the trigger. Before the formal spraying, we have to experiment whether the spraying effect is good or the trace is even on the objects we don’t use, furthermore, the fresh paint is supposed to be wet.The guniting should be perpendicular to the surface of the object while spraying, moving quickly and evenly to ensure spraying evenly.

3. Cleaning up

The paint cup under the paint spraying needs to be cleaned up every time after spraying, tearing down the whole paint gun to clean it, pressing the trigger of painting spray gun to make the paint inside the paint gun flows back into the paint cup, to complete the entire process of spray gun clean up.

4. Maintainace

The spray gun also needs to be maintained after clean the spray paint up every time. For example, to put a little lube on the spray gun to keep the spray gun lubricated and get ready to work anytime.

ZEGO was founded by talented engineer Mr. Zheng Ri Fu in 2011, ZEGO is a professional Chinese spray gun factory which is specialized in manufacturing professional and industrial paint paint spraying equipment and accessories. Within just a few years, ZEGO has established a high reputation in the paint industry by virtue of its high quality products.

Combined with its engineering-driven culture, extensive industry experience and manufacturing techniques, ZEGO - Tool is only spray gun company in the world which can provide a full line of high quality spray guns that are completely no O-ring design, for extended durability and easier to clean.

In the automotive paint refinishing market, ZEGO equipment can provide good atomization of high-soilds clears leading to glass like finishes. ZEGO equipment is optimized to virtually eliminate mottling and stringing with metallic base coats to produce an excellent color match. We welcome  you to consult with us any time if you have any further questions.

The goal of ZEGO - Tool is to reset the standard for spray finish treatment through its continuous research and development, the innovative product lines and commitment to customer service.

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