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The Usage and Caliber Selection of Paint Spray Gun

The Usage and Caliber Selection of Paint Spray Gun

How to Use a Paint Spray Gun?

Rollers, brushes, and spray guns can be used to apply paint, but using a spray gun is more efficient, making it the preferred method for many people. So, how should a paint spray gun be used?

  • Before spraying paint, stir it well. Some paints need to be thinned out, so dilute them according to the product instructions. Pour the paint into the spray gun's cup and close it in a timely manner, as exposure to air for a long time can cause the paint to dry.

  • Adjust the spray gun's air pressure and paint delivery rate before using it to apply paint to walls or other surfaces, keeping the spray gun approximately 20cm away from the surface being sprayed.

  • When spraying paint, move the spray gun parallel to the surface being sprayed, maintaining a uniform speed to avoid applying paint that is too thick or too thin. After finishing painting, clean the excess paint from the spray gun.

How to Choose a Paint Spray Gun Based on the Paint's Characteristics?

There are many types of paint, each of which is suitable for different products, so you should choose a paint according to your specific needs. When selecting a paint spray gun, you should consider the diameter of its nozzle based on the paint's properties.

Paint viscosity is the main factor to consider when choosing a nozzle diameter. For most paints, a nozzle diameter of 1.0mm or 1.3mm is common, with 1.0mm being used for topcoats and 1.3mm for primers. However, for polyurethane paint, a nozzle diameter slightly larger than 1.5mm is necessary because its viscosity is much higher than that of ordinary paint, which can easily clog nozzles with smaller diameters.

To select the right nozzle diameter, use a viscosity cup to measure the paint's viscosity accurately, which will help you choose the appropriate paint spray gun.

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