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The Reason of Nozzle Failure of Automatic Spray Gun and Analysis of Waterborne Paint Spraying

The Reason of Nozzle Failure of Automatic Spray Gun and Analysis of Waterborne Paint Spraying

The reason of nozzle failure of automatic spray gun  while in use

Everyone should be familiar with auto spray gun, it can be used to spray all kinds of paints and coatings, therefore it is a wildly used painting tool. Anyone who understands auto spray gun should know, the nozzle is the main component of the tool, if it fails the auto spray gun will not function properly. What are the reasons of nozzle failure while using an auto spray gun?

1. Erosion

Usage will cause erosion of the nozzle hole.Erosion occurs when the liquid material passes through the metal surface of the nozzle hole at a high flow rate. The result of erosion at the nozzle holes is a reduced nozzle pressure causing an irregular spray pattern.Erosion of the auto spray gun nozzle has a higher tendency to occur based on the hardness of liquid material, the spray pressure used,and the type and dosage of chemical materials we used, furthermore, the particle impurities in the liquid material can also cause serious erosion of the nozzle.

2. Accidental damage

If you don't operate the car paint spray gun as recommended for the use of auto spray,  then the chance of accidental damage to the auto spray gun increase. This will also greatly affect the use performance characteristics of the auto spray gun.

3. Corrosion

The selection and usage of the auto spray gun type needs to match with the coating you will be using,every coating will have a unique chemical composition, which can cause the corrosion of the auto spray gun leading damage that can affect the usage performance of the auto spray gun.

Based on the above factors, we need to clean and maintain the auto spray gun and industrial paint gun regularly during usage, and replace the nozzles which exhibit serious damaged over time, otherwise it will cause other problems.

Can we spray water-based paint on auto spray gun?

No matter if we spray oil-base paint or water-based paint, there is no direct connection with spray gun. The main reason to choose auto spray gun is because it doesn’t need manual spraying. The auto spray gun which is operated automatically by a control cabinet is usually suitable for automatic coating line or manipulator.

However, it is important for us to notice that we should try not to use the same auto spray gun to spray water-based paint and oil-based paint due to the differences in cleaning materials for each paint type are very different. If a gun has been setup to spray water-based paint and it is cleaned with a oil-based paint cleaning material, there is the chance it will destroy the surface effect of water-based paint if there is even a minute amount of oil paint leftover after cleaning the auto spray gun, therefore the final paint finish will contain paint defects such as shrinkage, whitening and other undesirable phenomena.

Therefore, we must use caution when choosing water-based spray gun/water paint spray gun

[1] The water-based paint can cause certain corrosive effects to the metal of the auto spray gun components. Therefore it is very important to have high requirements of the core component material and structural design of water-based paint spray guns when we select this type.We need to ensure there will be a long service life and stable performance of spray gun.

[2] Water-based paint coverage is excellent, it needs the auto spray gun with good atomization effect and spray painting evenly to reflect it.

[3] The water-based paint prices are relatively high compared with other paint types. Only the water-based paint which conforms to the VOC rule can save the cost and avoid deviating from the purpose of the original requirements of environmental protection.

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