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The Principle of Paint Spray Gun and How to Use It

The Principle of Paint Spray Gun and How to Use It

In home decoration, paint is indispensable. The paint spray gun is a helper for spraying paint on the wall. The spray gun is held by the palm, thumb, little finger and ring finger, and the middle finger and index finger are used to pull the trigger. However, the following points of spray gun working principle should be paid attention to when using paint spray gun.

Ⅰ. The principle of various paint spray guns

1. Siphon spray gun: 

The working principle of siphon spray gun is to use high-speed airflow to make the spray gun partially reach a vacuum. The pressure generated can suck the paint from the pot to the nozzle, and spray it out after atomization.

2. Gravity paint spray gun: 

It uses gravity to draw paint from the pot to the nozzle, and then sprays the paint after being atomized by pressure. Of course, this kind of gravity spray gun is generally suitable for occasions with small quantities and frequent operations.

3. Pressure spray gun: 

The principle of this paint spray gun requires the installation of a paint pressure bucket, and the paint in the pressure bucket can be supplied with paint to several spray guns at the same time under the action of pressure. This pressure spray gun is opposite to the gravity spray gun, it is suitable for the occasion of large volume and continuous operation.

Ⅱ. How to use paint spray gun?

1. First of all, the newly bought paint spray guns are usually coated with anti-corrosion oil, and we must first clean them with soapy water.

2. Shake the paint evenly and pour it into the paint cup. During the process, let the paint completely drip into the paint cup and close the lid as soon as possible to prevent the paint from decomposing or drying out.

3. When spraying paint, first test whether the traces of spraying are normal on the waste material, and start spraying after normal. The paint spray gun should be 12-20 cm away from the surface to be sprayed.

4. The paint spray gun should always maintain a vertical angle with the sprayed surface, keep the same distance, and move in parallel. Each spraying trace should overlap with the last one by one third.

5. The speed of the paint spray gun should be appropriate, not too fast or too slow. The coating speed from top to bottom should be too fast to avoid paint accumulation and downflow or local coating is too thick.

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