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The Effect of Air Pressure on the Spray Performance of Auto Spray Guns and Post-Use Cleaning

The Effect of Air Pressure on the Spray Performance of Auto Spray Guns and Post-Use Cleaning

Is air pressure important for the performance and effect of spray guns?

Compressed air is necessary for pneumatic tools, so air is a very important source of energy and power for these tools. The same is true for pneumatic spray guns, which require compressed air to work smoothly and achieve perfect painting results.

Ensuring stable air pressure is an important condition for normal operation of auto spray guns. Therefore, we need to understand which aspects of a spray gun's performance will be affected by common air pressures.

Insufficient atomization pressure

This leads to incomplete atomization, uneven spraying, and poor results.

Insufficient CLY pressure

This causes spray guns to fail to open, fail to oil, and fail to complete spraying work.

Insufficient compressed air

This affects work efficiency when multiple guns are used for atomization at the same time, and auto spray guns cannot work simultaneously.

Air pressure plays an important role in spray guns. Without proper air pressure, auto spray guns will not work properly. Therefore, the most important thing is to ensure stable and sufficient air pressure to ensure the desired painting results.

How should spray guns be cleaned after use?

Take manual spray guns as an example

When purchasing, there should be specific instructions to understand the principles and structures of spray guns.

First, use a special wrench to loosen the various connecting screws of the spray gun, and then remove the parts one by one in order from top to bottom and from outside to inside. Be careful not to damage any seals or gaskets inside. Soak the parts in thinner for about 1-2 hours, but do not soak them for too long. Ideally, the gun body's seal ring and other components should not be soaked because they may react chemically with the thinner and corrode.

After soaking, take out the parts and use compressed air to blow them one by one until any paint residue is cleared. Finally, reassemble the parts one by one, flush the spray gun with thinner, and it's ready for the next use.

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