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What is the Environment and Architecture of Spray Gun Market?

What is the Environment and Architecture of Spray Gun Market?

In the year of 2019, it is estimated that spray gun market size is $1.3 billion. It is growing at compound annual growth rate of 3.6% during the expected term of 2020-2025. Spray gun is developed as the airbrush, which sprays painting on surface by air pressure.

In addition, the demand for luxury furniture products is rising during the forecast period of 2020-2025, further amplifying the overall market demand for airbrushes.

Key conclusions

-In 2019, because of the rising demands of high pressure spray gun in automobile industry, North America took lead in spray gun market.

-The rapid increase of automobile by using automotive primer spray gun, health care and furniture as well as advanced technology are promoting the market development of spray gun.

-High cost of industrial paint gun and strict governmental regulation are challenging the market increase.


Driven factors of spray gun market

-Health care: spray guns are widely used in disinfecting and cleaning device of health care industry.

-Furnishing and decoration: spray guns are greatly used in furnishing and decoration, especially in luxury furniture, so as to increase demands of decoration and spray gun market.


Outlook of spray gun industry

Spray gun industry outlook mainly covers products launching, merge and acquisition, joint ventures, research and development and so on. These factors are key strategies that all manufacturers and suppliers should notice in the future spray gun market.

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