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Some Misunderstandings in the Selection of Auto Spray Gun

Some Misunderstandings in the Selection of Auto Spray Gun

Misunderstanding 1 in the selection of auto spray gun: Many people are greedy for cheap products. Some people decide to buy the automatic spray gun when they see beautiful product pictures and cheap prices on the Internet, but after they get the product, they will find it totally different from what they saw on the Internet. Even if the spraying can be carried out, problems like low painting rate, environmental pollution and paint waste may occur due to the rough manufacture of the spray gun.

Misunderstanding 2 in the selection of auto spray gun: blindly believe in big brands. The auto spray guns of some international big brands have a good reputation which is accumulated for decades and hundreds of years. Of course, there are no quality problems in their spray guns, but due to the import tariff and the expenses incurred by agents at all levels, there is no reasonable cost performance ratio at all. At present, the spray gun manufacturing technology in China has become more and more mature, and some Chinese spray gun manufactures can also become a good choice with its excellent performance and favorable price!

Misunderstanding 3 in the selection of auto spray gun: excess quality and function. Maybe you want to buy a high quality spray gun for cooling water-spray but finally choose some high-end spray guns, which will lead to excessive quality and function! What a waste of money! Therefore, when choosing the spray gun, we should find a qualified and professional company. TAIZHOU TOOL-BAR MACHINERY CO.,LTD. has been specialized in spraying industry for many years, and we can match the most suitable spray gun according to the customers' spraying needs!

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