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Manual Toning Procedure in HVLP Car Painting

Manual Toning Procedure in HVLP Car Painting

Ⅰ. Manual color mixing process of HVLP car painting

The car paint mixing process needs a correct procedure to ensure the effect of paint mixing. Some repairers who are responsible for distributing car refinishing paints are not familiar with tinting theory and do not understand the influence of the surrounding environment on color, so it is difficult to draw up a complete tinting procedure.

For example, some repairers find that although they are mixing the paint strictly according to the procedure, there is still a certain gap between the sample paint and the tinting paint. This makes it impossible to match the repair paint with the original car paint.

The color mixing is as important as the In fact, car spray paint and tinting paint are liquid, while sample paint is solid. Therefore, the paint color should be slightly lighter than the model color, not similar, and not too dark. After the paint dries, it will be the same color as the board, otherwise it will be too dark.

Some painting jobs not only require technicians to master the use of the auto paint spray gun, but also the color mixing process. The painter must correctly recognize the color and distinguish its true color. In particular, it is necessary to be able to distinguish the processed color paint, but also to be able to distinguish the heavy tones in the color range of the color paint, including the darkness or brightness level, and the vividness or saturation of the color. In the color mixing process of automotive spray paint topcoats, different spraying methods need to be used to adjust brightness, chroma and hue to achieve the best color.

Ⅱ. The general procedure for toning of HVLP car painting

1. Accurately distinguish colors. First, according to the color on the swatch, accurately distinguish its "hue", "lightness" and "purity" under standardized light source conditions. According to this, determine the main color, background color and other necessary fineness and primary color materials.

2. Correctly select pigments. The type, classification, thinner and auxiliary materials of the color coating are selected according to the requirements of hvlp spray gun for automotive. Use these materials as a set, and select the primary color pigments with excellent functions and economy to prepare them for use.

3. Adjust the sample first and then modulate it. Under the condition of no color matching equipment, the sample should be adjusted first to obtain an accurate color material ratio, which lays the foundation for reducing the waste of preparation.

4. The preparation process and method of automobile spray paint should be strictly in accordance with the principle of first, first, from shallow to deep, fully mixed during distribution, and evenly dissolved in each other.

5. When adjuvant materials are blended, the corresponding types must be blended strictly according to the proportion. The distribution should be timely and appropriate, and the intermodulation should be even.

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