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Knowledge of Air Spray Gun

Knowledge of Air Spray Gun

Now there are more and more sellers engaged in the pneumatic tool industry, and the brands and types of imported air spray guns are also increasing. But different types and brands have different price and quality.

In fact, the selection of air spray gun mainly depends on the use of tools in the production line. Spray guns should be selected according to the effect of the layer, air flow, paint flow, spraying area and the external environmental effect in the use of the spray gun. It should be noted that the primer is mainly used to fill up defects and increase the thickness of the coating. Therefore, the size, viscosity and proportion of the primer are large. It is emphasized that the paint output should be large, so the spray gun for spraying primer should be of large caliber, and the lower paint storage tank should also be larger. In the high degree of atomization, the spray gun with small caliber and good atomization is often used when spraying coating on the surface. Combined with these reference factors, the diameter of the spray gun is selected, whether the spray gun has the upper or lower pot, whether it is pressurized, etc. The use of air spray gun mainly depends on the selection of proper caliber, which is the premise of tool selection in the use process, such as gravity feed air spray gun, mini air spray gun. If you don't know, you can consult our professional sales staff to choose the most suitable spray gun type for you.

Choose and buy paint spray gun, carry on the debugging to the tool first, see whether it belongs to your own needs. Then connect the air source, adjust the material pressure and atomize air pressure for adjustment, (different adjustment methods have different effects, but the adjustable range is small, mainly to choose the right caliber). If you don’t understand, you can consult our professional staff, adjust the applicable effect, and then it can work.

In addition, after the use of the spray gun, the maintenance work is also very important. After the use, the diluent of the spray paint must be used for spray cleaning until the spray gun paint channel is cleaned. Otherwise, the dry and solid plugging of the paint in the gun will affect the normal use of the spray gun. Specific cleaning method: close the compressed air, remove the paint tank, pour the paint in the gun back to the paint tank, pour the paint in the tank into the container; Pour about 1/4 volume of solvent into the paint storage tank for washing, install paint storage tank, connect compressed air, repeatedly spray with roll for several times; Disassemble spray head, brush with solvent and then install; Wipe off paint on the gun.

When washing the spray gun, pay attention to use a soft brush, forbid using metal brush and forbid using hard object to poke and scrape, prevent wearing the nozzle and change the jet shape; Next, avoid the spray gun directly soaking in the solvent, so as to prevent the residual paint from attaching to the machine parts and dissolving the lubricating oil on the gun, and use soft clothes with solvent to wipe; The knurled parts on the gun are adjusted by hand to avoid using pliers and tools; Regularly drip lubricating oil on the needle valve and the pin shaft of the gun; Lubricate needle valve and needle valve spring with light grease or vaseline. Silicon-containing oil is not allowed. Only the correct operation and maintenance can guarantee the normal use and service life of the spray gun.

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