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How to Judge the Quality of HVLP for Car Painting?

How to Judge the Quality of HVLP for Car Painting?

If you want to know whether the car painting situation is ideal, you can judge according to the following 6 aspects:

1. Check the drying condition of the HVLP car painting film

Use your fingers to press hard on the paint surface to see if there are obvious handprints. If handprints appear, it proves that the HVLP car painting film is not dry, and you need to enter the paint room for baking again.

2. Check whether the color of the HVLP car painting is consistent with the color of the original paint

First, drive the car into a well-lit environment, carefully observe the touch-up surface and the car body close to it, stay for 7-10 seconds (don't keep your eyes too long, this will cause visual fatigue), look straight ahead and squint at the side ( 30~45 degrees) Intersperse and observe for obvious color difference. Note that dark-colored cars should face the contrast of light, and light-colored cars should face the contrast of light.

3. Check the fullness of the HVLP car painting film and the uniformity of the paint pattern

Directly check the fullness of the paint film, the paint film is too thick and the touch is very turbid, the paint color is not bright, the paint film is too thin, the paint surface is not bright enough, and the paint color is dark. The paint film with good fullness feels like a layer of grease floating on the paint surface. The front-view car spray paint surface must have a mirror effect, and the front-view and oblique-view paint pattern must be even with the original paint pattern. It is impossible to have no paint pattern. Even after polishing, there will be a paint pattern. The original car paint also has it. Without a paint pattern, it is not good.

4. Check whether the paint surface of the HVLP car painting is dusty or running paint

When the air in the car paint or baking booth is not filtered or filtered properly, and some mechanics do not work properly, dust will accumulate on the surface of the paint. This will cause pitting, commonly known as "dirty spots". Lightly touch the painted surface with your hands to feel whether there are bumps and foreign objects. Besides that, you are supposed to choose a qualified car paint spray gun.

5. Check whether the particle size of the metal paint of the HVLP car painting is even

Inspect the paint at a close distance (10-20 cm) by the light, and you will find that there are small particles flashing in it, just like stars in the night sky. However, it is much tighter than the stars. Observe whether the size, color, and arrangement are consistent and uniform, and whether it is in harmony with the original car paint.

6. Check whether there is splash paint on the exterior rubber parts of the HVLP car painting

Check whether the rubber parts adjacent to the spray paint part of the car are painted. If there is flying paint, the car owner can ask the manufacturer to use gasoline or cleaning fluid for scrubbing. Because during the construction process, if the workers don't cover it well, there will be paint flying.

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