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How to Distinguish Between Dry Grinding and Wet Grinding of Car Painting?

How to Distinguish Between Dry Grinding and Wet Grinding of Car Painting?

The sanding process plays a very important role in the car painting process. The reason is that the topcoat will ultimately depend on the quality of the sanding process in many situations, and the sanding process will directly touch the surface of the metal. The smoothness of the sanding and the order of sanding will affect the quality of the finish. The quality of the polishing process in car painting directly affects the quality of the final finish.

In the 1980s and today, some skilled painters still prefer wet grinding. Of course, some skilled personnel choose dry grinding. Nowadays, most automobile manufacturers require 4S special stores to be equipped with a dry grinding operating system when preparing for acceptance. Why is it recommended to use dry grinding instead of wet grinding for car painting? 

Ⅰ. Dry grinding process of car painting

1. Use dry grinding to make it easier for skilled personnel during grinding work.

2. Use the help of a grinding machine to improve the efficiency of the grinding operation.

3. A lot of dust will be sucked by the vacuum cleaner during the dry grinding operation of the car paint, and only a small amount of dust can be blown off the surface of the car by using small compressed air.

4. During the dry grinding operation of car paint spraying, the ground can always be kept dry and will not appear slippery and cause work-related accidents such as slips or falls.

5. Car paint dry grinding operation can keep the repair workshop tidy and enhance the company's image.

6. Prevent the shortcomings of blistering in the future due to the presence of water vapor in the paint film.

7. The metal substrate used in the dry grinding operation of car painting is not exposed to moisture, so there is no risk of corrosion.

8. Eliminate the need to dry the surface of the workpiece before each process, saving time and saving the waste of resources using compressed air.

Ⅱ. Wet grinding process of car painting

1. It is easy to cause blistering in the paint film due to the presence of water vapor.

2. The sewage produced during the wet grinding operation of the car paint is easy to cause pollution to the sewer.

3. Every time the vehicle moves, it is necessary to invest time in cleaning up the sewage on the work station.

4. The metal substrates during the wet grinding of car painting are prone to rust due to prolonged exposure to moisture.

5. A lot of compressed air is needed to dry the moisture of the substrate and coating, but only the surface of the substrate and coating can be blown dry.

6. Wet and slippery ground increases the risk of industrial accidents.

7. Car painting wet grinding operations inadvertently cause a waste of tap water and increase costs.

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