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How To Choose An Industrial Paint Gun?

How To Choose An Industrial Paint Gun?

1.According to the size and quality of the gun itself

From the consideration of reducing the operator's labor intensity, hope that the gun body light and small is good, but the amount of paint sprayed and air volume also decreases, the spraying time increases, the operating efficiency decreases, not suitable for a large number of painting occasions. If you use a large spray gun to spray small parts or tubular objects, the paint loss is large. Large planar coated objects can use large spray gun; small spray gun is suitable for the coated objects with very different convexity.

2.The amount of paint and paint supply method

Small amount of paint, color change frequently, choose gravity spray gun, but not for the face spraying; paint amount and color change more, especially when spraying the side, choose the capacity of 1L or less with a can suck on the gun more convenient. If the amount of paint is large, the color is almost unchanged continuous operation, you can choose the pressure-fed spray gun, with paint booster tank for paint. In case of larger paint dosage, the paint can be continuously sprayed without terminating the operation by using a pump and paint circulation pipe to press feed the paint. Spraying with quick-change joints, easy to clean and color change, pressure-fed spray gun without paint cups or cans, spraying up and down, flexible and convenient.

3.Nozzle caliber

Industrialized mass production, the unit time through the coating area, the large amount of paint, the nozzle diameter of the selected gun to be large; when spraying high film thickness requirements or spraying primer and the quality of the paint film appearance requirements are not high, to choose a larger caliber gun. In addition, when the elected paint construction viscosity is high, choose a larger caliber gun, and the use of low-viscosity paint or pressure-fed supply of paint, to choose a smaller caliber gun. When spraying top coat, paint atomization requirements are high, but also to choose a smaller caliber gun.

When choosing an industrial paint gun, consider the size of the object being painted, the variety of paint, and the quality registration standards for painting. If the object to be painted is large, choose a gun with a larger diameter, so that the paint output is large and fast. When the spraying quality requirements are high, choose a paint gun with good atomization of the paint nozzle. On the contrary, if the object is large and the quality requirement is not high, choose a spray gun with good atomization, but it will affect the efficiency. When the amount of paint is small, spraying objects with a small area and a variety of colors, the use of large guns will cause waste, and can not improve the quality, then the gravity gun should be used, because the gun is loaded with less paint capacity, easy to change the color, cleaning the paint pot to save thinner. The larger the caliber of the gun, the greater the air pressure required, the more paint sprayed, the higher the consistency of the paint required. The size of the gun's caliber and the air cap of the gun's nozzle air holes are compatible with each other, the air cap is divided into porous and less porous, porous air cap air consumption, atomization performance is good, the quality of the coating film is also good; less porous air cap air consumption is small, but the atomization capacity is poor, suitable for spraying quality requirements are not too high objects. The atomization degree of spraying paint has a lot to do with the size of the gun's caliber, the viscosity of the paint, the amount of air exhaust from the air hole and the angle p of the arrangement. Therefore, according to the different varieties of paint to choose the caliber of the gun nozzle and the number of air holes, and adjust the viscosity of the paint.

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