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Automotive Paint Spray Guns Forecast Up to 2027

Automotive Paint Spray Guns Forecast Up to 2027

For car painting effect, the quality of automotive paint is of course an important part, but we also need to understand that the choice of spray gun is also the choice of paint spraying in contrast to the primary part. With a good paint booth and baking room is not necessarily able to reach the standard paint spraying process standards, the choice of paint spray gun is also indispensable or missing.


Automotive spraying is divided into two cases, one is the manufacturer at the time of production for painting, and the other is the car after the use of a scratch after the paint. These two cases use the car spray gun are different.


1. the original car factory spraying

The original spraying of the car has to go through many steps, and the general use of automotive high-temperature paint. If the whole car is sprayed then generally to use the pressure-fed spray gun. This gun does not have a pot on it, it has a paint inlet and draws paint from the paint can alone. When adding pressure to the paint can, several automotive guns can be supplied with paint at the same time. 

In the case of complete vehicle painting, the volume of paint required is high, so a best pressure feed spray gun is suitable for high volume and continuous painting operations.

In the case of off-line repair, a gravity gun is generally used. This type of automotive primer spray gun is mainly for small area repair, mainly relying on its own gravity and the negative pressure between the nozzle and the paint sprayed out, and then the paint atomized in the air. If the amount of spraying is small, the spraying area is small, and also need to change the color often, then you should use this kind of car spray gun.


2. car repair spraying.

The repair is divided into three main cases. The first is topcoat spraying. When spraying can be economical spraying can also be high-flow spraying, or choose low-flow medium-pressure spraying, are generally used specifically for topcoat spraying car gun. Suction spray gun is suitable for this time.

The second type is a small repair spraying. At present, there are spray guns for primer spraying, color paint spraying guns, clear coat spraying guns and small repair spraying guns in auto 4S stores, basically also use the suction type car spray gun.


Automotive Paint Spray Guns Market Growth, Development Factors, Applications, and Future Prospects and forecast up to 2027

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