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Adjustment and Application of Auto Spray Guns and Analysis of Best Spray Effects

Adjustment and Application of Auto Spray Guns and Analysis of Best Spray Effects

Adjustment and Use Introduction of Auto Spray Gun

Spray Construction

During spray construction, the most important thing is to have rich spraying experience and correct operation technique of spray gun.

Adjustment of Spray Gun

The quality of the mist depends on the quality of the mixed paint droplets. The paint should form a smooth and wet middle layer on the component surface without sagging. If the following three basic adjustments are made, appropriate mist, film humidity and air pressure can be obtained under normal conditions.

  • Air Pressure Adjustment

Due to friction, the pressure is lost when the air flows from the dryer and pressure regulator to the spray gun, the difference of which depends on the length and diameter of the compressed air pipe. The method for measuring this pressure drop is to connect a pressure regulator between the hose joint and the spray gun to check and control the spray gun pressure.

  • Control the Size of Mist with Mist Control Valve

When the control valve is fully turned in, the minimum circular spray is obtained, and when the knob is fully extended, the maximum mist is obtained.

  • Use Paint Flow Control Valve to Adjust Paint Flow Rate According to Selected Mist

In addition, the best spraying pressure refers to the minimum pressure that can obtain ideal atomization, flow rate and spray width. Too high pressure results in a large amount of wasted paint due to flying paint, and the solvent volatilizes quickly before reaching the component surface, resulting in poor flowability. Too low pressure will cause poor drying performance due to retention of more solvent, and the paint film is prone to blistering and sagging. The air pressure value should be different for different spray paints.

How to make the auto spray gun achieve the best spraying effect?

Auto spray guns are used in conjunction with automated equipment or robots to spray products. To achieve good spraying effect, attention should be paid to the factors that affect the automatic equipment and its matching.

We can imagine that when using a manual spray gun manually, we need to pay attention to many things.

  • The distance between the spray gun and the product;

  • The angle between the spray gun spraying and the product;

  • Adjusting the effective width of the spray gun;

  • The optimal flow rate of spray gun;

  • Control the overlapping area of spray width;

Therefore, when automatic equipment is spraying, these items should also be noted, especially for reciprocating spraying of reciprocating machines and robots.

  • The distance from the product should be determined according to the performance of different spray guns, referring to the effective atomization range of spray gun width;

  • All spraying needs to maintain 90 degrees with the product;

  • Adjust the best spraying effect according to the effective width of the spray gun;

  • Adjust the spraying flow of the spray gun in advance according to the paint concentration and product requirements;

  • Overlap the spray width according to the conventional 2/3 or 3/4 of the spray gun;

In addition, due to the different models of auto spray guns, their performance and atomization effect are different, and there will be differences in the width of spraying and the optimal distance from the product. Therefore, when replacing different models of automatic paint spray guns, the automatic equipment program should be adjusted to achieve the previous effect.

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