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Why Will Produce Small Bubbles In Spray Process By Best Auto Paint Sprayer?

Why Will Produce Small Bubbles In Spray Process By Best Auto Paint Sprayer?

Auto paint sprayer is an indispensable spraying tool on the spraying line. In the use of spraying process by best auto paint sprayer, the paint surface will occasionally appear some small bubbles, which will not only affect the beauty, but also affect the quality of spraying. Thus, what should we do?

We need to know the reason why there will be small bubbles, and take relative measures.

1.The paint coating mixed with too much pigment, and the pigment is not mixed evenly and did not add auxiliary agents such as softeners, which will result in too large particles of paint. After spraying out with an automatic spray gun, there will be a bumpy situation. The solution is: when buying paint, choose a better quality of paint, and before using make it a fine sieve, until there is no bubble.

2.The paint itself contains impurities, not having fine sieve processing and then directly used. The solution is to put the paint through a fine sieve, and then make sure it is clean when blending.

3.In the deployment of paint, the ambient temperature is too low, resulting in the bubble inside the paint did not break apart. The solution is find a place where the temperature is suitable for blending paint, and also to ensure that the blending environment is a place free of impurities and dust. 

4.There are impurities or dust on the surface of the object being sprayed. And then directly spray with a best auto paint sprayer. There will be a bump. The solution is to clean the surface of the object being sprayed, so that it is very flat and smooth, but also to keep dry, so that the paint can not be well attached to it.

5.The paint bucket or brush is not clean, and then impurities are brought into the container when mixing paint. The solution is not to use the paint bucket or other containers that haven been used many times. If you really need it, you should clean it up and use it again.

6. The construction environment is not well protected. In the spraying process, wind brings the around dust or impurities to the brush or nozzle. So it is necessary to protect the environment around the spraying.

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