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Why Can't the Spray Gun Spray Paint when It is Not Blocked?

Why Can't the Spray Gun Spray Paint when It is Not Blocked?

As we ruled out the reason for the clogging of the spray gun, now we need to divide manual spray gun and automatic spray gun.

Ⅰ. Manual spray gun

This situation generally occurs with the lower pot (suction type) spray gun, and the upper pot (gravity type) and pressure feed type spray guns do not have this situation. The lower pot spray gun relies on the siphon of the spray gun to supply oil, so the reason for this is that the siphon effect is destroyed.

First: We need to observe whether the paint can is screwed or sealed well with the spray gun.

Second: Whether the needle nozzle has been disassembled, and if necessary, confirm the tightening of the nozzle again.

Third: There is a spray gun tightening between the wrench and the gun head. There is also a leak here. You can properly tighten the tightening screw to see if oil can come out. If it still doesn't work, you need to replace the tightening kit.

Ⅱ. Automatic spray gun

1. The oil supply without pressure barrel and diaphragm pump is basically the same as the above manual spray gun, and it can be detected and eliminated according to the above method.

2. Most automatic spray guns still need a diaphragm pump or a pressure barrel to supply oil. Therefore, we exclude the following aspects:

First, whether the spray gun has air supply, check whether each pressure regulating valve of the equipment is supplying air to the spray gun, if there is no natural spray gun, the paint will not be sprayed.

Second, there is air supply but the air pressure is insufficient to open the spray gun, resulting in no oil, increase the air pressure or the size of the air tank to ensure the normal operation of the spray gun.

Third, when it is determined that there is air supply and the spray gun still does not emit oil, check whether the solenoid valve on the control switch can work normally.

Therefore, when checking, not only the problem of the spray gun needs to be checked, but also its supporting equipment and gas circuit oil circuit need to be checked.

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