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What to Do if the Water-based Spray Gun Fails to Spray Paint?

What to Do if the Water-based Spray Gun Fails to Spray Paint?

With the increase of people's awareness of environmental protection and health, more and more water-based paints are used. Whether it is tooling or home improvement, water-based paints have begun to replace oil-based paints and become the mainstream of the market. The use of water-based paint, water-based spray gun is an indispensable tool.

After using the water-based paint spray gun, use the thinner of the sprayed paint to spray and clean until the paint channel of the spray gun is cleaned, otherwise the paint in the gun will be dry and blocked, which will affect the normal use of the spray gun.

During the use of water-based spray guns, sometimes high-quality spray guns may not spray paint or produce a small amount of paint. What is the cause? How should it be solved? What should we do if the water-based spray gun fails to spray paint? Let's take a look!

I. The reason why the water-based spray gun can't spray paint or paint a small amount:

1. The air supplement hole of the gun pot cover is blocked or the air cap and suction tube are seriously blocked;

2. There is no paint in the pot;

3. The thimble stroke is too small.

II. The solution for water-based spray guns that can't spray paint or produce a small amount of paint:

1. Clean the air replenishment hole, air cap and suction tube on the lid;

2. Replenish paint;

3. Rotate the paint flow adjustment knob to increase the stroke of the needle valve,

III. Two main factors in the adjustment of water-based spray guns: adjustment of air output and paint output

1. If the air output is too small, it is not easy to atomize the paint, and the paint will be dripped and the coating film will be uneven. The amount of paint output corresponds to the size of the air output. Before spraying, adjust the appropriate air output and the corresponding paint output to make the paint spray well and evenly spray the surface. When adjusting the spray gun, you must listen to the sound of the airflow and know the size of the airflow.

2. It depends on the degree of atomization of the water based paint spray gun nozzle and the size of the fan area. The spray gun with spray gun atomization effect is connected by the gun body and the gun head through a connecting mechanism. The gun head contains a nozzle, and a number of metal round steels are welded inside the nozzle.

At present, the nozzles and needles on the market are made of strong, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant V4A steel through precise machining. The inside of the nozzle is a tapered coating channel that matches the front tip of the spray gun needle to form a paint valve function.

In the automotive refinish market, ZEGO spray gun suppliers can provide excellent atomization effects for high-solids varnishes to obtain a glass-like finish. ZEGO equipment is optimized to almost eliminate spots and fine lines with metallic primers and produce excellent color matching.

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