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What Is The Size Of Best Auto Paint Spray Gun For Car Painting?

What Is The Size Of Best Auto Paint Spray Gun For Car Painting?

Paint spray guns are pneumatic tools commonly used in automotive painting and home improvement, and can be used directly when the paint is connected to the compressor.

In the automotive painting industry, the caliber of the paint gun is very important to choose, we need to first understand the paint gun what caliber options? General 0.3-1.3 are repair gun class, 1.3-1.5 is the top coat gun. Traditionally 1.5 as the standard, 1.7 to 3.0 are suitable for large areas / primer.

So generally speaking spraying car paint paint gun caliber selection in 1.3-1.7, but the specific depends on the product to be sprayed, large area with a large caliber, small area with a small caliber. If the area is very large, and high requirements for paint thickness, it is recommended to choose airless spraying equipment.

Upper pot or lower pot of best auto paint spray gun is better.

The choice of the upper and lower pots of the paint spray gun needs to be based on the use of the application and place to choose, the lower pot: suction on the paint spray gun for general non-continuous spraying operations. Upper pot: gravity type paint spray gun is used for spraying operations where the amount of paint is small and the color change is frequent.

Paint spray gun is a tool for spraying paint, used for surface treatment of products, is a kind of painting equipment. It is through the compressed air to make the paint atomized into fine paint droplets, driven by airflow spraying to the surface of the object being painted. Also external air pressure device such as pressure tank, pressure barrel, pump, etc. needs to be connected. Paint spray gun compared with the traditional hand-brushed paint, more time-efficient, more beautiful, 5 to 10 times more efficient than brushing, detailed, smooth and uniform coating film.

Paint gun up and down pot selection also depends on personal habits, on the pot, its advantages: no waste of paint, feel better! Disadvantages: can not be put anywhere, no bracket easy to fall.

The lower pot in the past the use of a particularly large number of advantages: large capacity, can be put anywhere. Disadvantages: there will always be a little paint can not be absorbed, not suitable for spraying a small area. Suggestion: If you spray a large area for a long time, it is recommended to use the lower pot, and if you do small workpieces, it is recommended to use the upper pot.

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