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What Is The Best Mini Hvlp Spray Gun?

What Is The Best Mini Hvlp Spray Gun?

What is HVLP ?

It is the abbreviation of High Volume Low Pressure (i.e. High=High, Volume=Flow, Low=Low, Pressure=Pressure). modern coating technology.

The paint transfer efficiency of conventional spray guns is 30-40%, while the paint transfer efficiency of HVLP environmental paint-saving series spray guns is up to 65% or more, which shows that the latter's paint transfer efficiency is two to three times that of the former. The high paint utilization rate reduces unnecessary air pollution, improves the workplace environment, maintains the health of painters, improves product quality and thus reduces the cost of paint; due to the high paint utilization rate, the number of spraying strokes required to obtain the same paint film thickness is reduced, thus improving productivity and also reducing the cost of handling flying paint. Therefore, HVLP environmental paint-saving spray gun has developed into the direction of development in today's painting industry.

Transfer efficiency of hvlp technology

HVLP technology makes the paint transfer efficiency much higher than 65%, low cost of use, in line with European and American environmental regulations; not only can reduce the pollution of the environment, but also can significantly reduce the amount of paint (compared with traditional spray guns can save up to 30% of paint); high air flow design provides enough air flow to atomize the paint, spraying the paint film effect to meet the needs of users such as 3S/4S service stations with strict requirements for quality and cost.

Best mini hvlp spray gun for green paint-saving

HVLP green paint saving spray gun atomized particles have a low forward velocity. The distance is too far away, the paint mist becomes too dry and the paint film is thin. By experience, the distance between the spray gun and the workpiece should be closer, to between 13 to 17cm is appropriate; to hvlp spray gun for automotive, atomizing paint power is the flow of gas rather than gas pressure, so our repair shop in the use of HVLP green paint-saving spray gun, should first check whether the amount of spraying gas to reach the required gas volume of the HVLP spray gun; if the required gas volume is not reached, it will not be able to atomize the paint, and More can not reach the HVLP spraying effect, equipped with a large flow, sufficient air source is the HVLP spray gun to obtain good atomization effect guarantee. In addition, because the HVLP spray gun is atomized by airflow, rather than by air pressure atomization, so the painters in the spraying, will feel the gun's recoil pressure will feel a little less (traditional spray gun spraying recoil pressure feeling stronger), as long as the spraying several times to get used to, and skilled operation.

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