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What if the Paint of the Car is Peleling? Just Use This Automotive Paint Gun!

What if the Paint of the Car is Peleling? Just Use This Automotive Paint Gun!

Automotive paint gun plays an important role when the paint of the car fades or is scratched. The paint master's grasp of the spray gun and the painting skills need time to practice and they need to enhance the skills to ensure the uniformity and thinness of the paint. So, now let TOOL-BAR introduce the types of paint guns and how to use them.

1. What are the types of car spray guns

According to the type of use, there are two types, manual and automatic. For different functions, they are divided into electrostatic paint guns and high-pressure paint guns. At present, automotive paint guns are all pneumatic spray paints with a high degree of atomization effect.

2. How to use automotive paint gun

The most important thing in the use of a best automotive paint gun for beginners is to control the air output and paint output. The air output determines the quality of the atomization effect. The large air output will result in a good atomization effect. And before using the paint gun, firstly listen to the sound of the airflow to judge the size of the airflow. At the same time, pay attention to the degree of atomization of the spray gun and the area of the fan-shaped area. Under normal circumstances, in order to ensure the best atomization effect, it is best to do the followings: First, open the spray to the maximum. Second, the nozzle of the paint gun should be perpendicular to the spray surface, and the distance should be 20 to 30 cm. Third, the operation of the spray gun is guaranteed to advance at a speed of 80 cm per second.

The use of automobile paint spray guns is a long-term accumulation of experience and cannot be achieved in one step. The important thing is to have patience and perseverance, one day you can become a great master!

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