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What Are the Kinds of Paint Spray Gun?

What Are the Kinds of Paint Spray Gun?

Paint spray gun can be divided into different types according to the different aspects. According to delivery method of the paint, it can be divided into press down type and press up type; according to the position of the pot can be divided into upper pot type and lower pot type; according to the nozzle can be divided into nozzle to nozzle type and flat nozzle type.

Three Categories of Paint Spray Gun Divided by Working Principle

According to the working principle of the industrial spray gun, it can be divided into three categories.

1. Using coating gravity and front-end vacuum suction gravity at the same time.

2. Only use on the suction type with front of vacuum suction.

3. The paint pressure delivery type which the paint pump forces the paint to the front end of the nozzle

In addition, according to the usage of different types of coatings, it also can be divided into the primer spray gun, finishing spray gun and small spray gun.

Categories of Paint Spray Gun Divided by Coating Supply Method

According to coating supply method, nozzle diameter of coating, air usage, the difference of spray graphics, it could be divided into suction type, gravity type and pressure delivery type.

1. Suction-up spray gun

The principle of suction type spray gun is to use high-speed airflow to make the spray gun a partial vacuum, therefore, to generate suction to suck the paint from the pot into the nozzle and spray it with atomization, this type is mainly for coating large area. The advantage of this type is the the atomization of paint is better, it can meet the requirements of paint film thickness and glossiness.

The paint can used with the suction-up spray gun is located in the lower part of the spray gun, the paint spray nozzle is generally projecting slightly forward than the central hole of air cap,and compressed air is sprayed from all around the central hole of the air cap(namely the paint spray nozzle), forming a negative pressure in the front end of the paint spray nozzle,the paint from the can will then be sucked up and atomized during the spray process.

The amount of paint to be sprayed by the suction-up spray gun is obviously affected by the viscosity and density of the paint,as well as related to the caliber of the painting nozzle.The suction - up spray gun is suitable for general non - continuous spray operation uses.

2. Gravity feed spray gun

Paint is drawn from the pot mounted on the top to the nozzle on the bottom by gravity, and then spray with atomization with compressed air.Originally the gravity feed spray gun was designed to be used for small area repair, however it has developed to spray overall at present, the advantage is it could save the paint from small area repair.

The paint can of gravity spray gun is located in the upper portion of the spray gun and is sprayed from the spray nozzle by its own gravity and the negative pressure formed at the front of the spray nozzle is then mixed with air atomization. The basic structure of the gravity spray gun is as same as suction-up spray gun with the same spraying condition. The paint spraying amount of gravity spray gun is larger than the suction-up type spray gun.

There are another several special type of the industrial paint gun:

① long spear spray gun; ② Long handle spray gun;③ Automatic spray gun;④ Non-mist spray gun;⑤Electrostatic spray gun; ⑥Air spray gun;⑦ Airless spray gun;⑧High pressure spray gun; ⑨ Low pressure spray gun.

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