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There Are Three Elements to Buying an Automatic Spray Gun

There Are Three Elements to Buying an Automatic Spray Gun

Automatic spray gun is a common hardware automatic tool, mainly used for spraying paint, coatings, etc. There are many brands and models of automatic spray guns on the market. We mainly have three elements when purchasing automatic spray guns.

1. Cost-effectiveness of automatic spray guns

Multi-party inspection of product quality and production and distribution manufacturers is the primary link in purchasing products, such as their business history, market share and service network.

Brand automatic spray guns are generally of reliable quality, but the brand effect often makes their prices high. Other similar products are usually less expensive, but their quality and after-sales service are often worrying. Therefore, focus on cost performance, or performance first, brand first.

2. Atomization effect of the automatic spray gun

A good paint spray gun usually has uniform atomization, stable paint flow, and high paint utilization.

On the one hand, the atomization effect of the paint spray gun is related to its internal channel design and the accuracy of the aperture on the nozzle and air cap, and on the other hand, it is also related to the working air pressure.

Experienced masters know that brand automatic spray guns usually have better atomization effects than generic guns, and high-pressure spray guns usually have better atomization effects than low-pressure spray guns. The reason is that the production process and equipment of the brand spray gun are more advanced, the precision is higher, and the quality inspection is also stricter. The high-pressure spray gun has good atomization because its working pressure is high, but the air consumption is large, and the paint utilization rate is low.

3. Durability of the automatic spray gun

The durability of the industrial paint spray gun mainly depends on the material it uses. A good automatic spray gun material has sufficient compression resistance and light weight, as well as high-quality outer protective layer and internal parts.

Many low-priced spray guns of different brands have good spraying effect at the beginning, but after one or a few months of use, the nozzle or air cap diameter becomes larger, or the needle is worn and cannot be used continuously, etc., that is, the performance of the materials used is insufficient; there are also spray guns. The surface coating falls off after several times of contact with the thinner, which affects both the vision and the feel of use, which is related to the poor surface material or the level of electroplating technology.

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