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The Principle and Precautions of Auto Spray Gun

The Principle and Precautions of Auto Spray Gun

1. The principle of auto spray gun

There is a pneumatic piston mechanism inside the auto spray gun. A stainless steel spray needle is installed above the piston, and a set of high tension springs are installed behind the piston. When the compressed air stops supplying, the spring will push the piston and the spray needle forward. When the needle and the nozzle are closely matched with high precision, the passage of the liquid is blocked. On the contrary, when the compressed air starts to be supplied, the pressure of the compressed air pushes the piston away, creating a gap between the spray needle and the nozzle for the liquid to be sprayed out.

After the spray gun is used, spray and clean it with the thinner of the sprayed paint until the paint channel of the spray gun is cleaned. Otherwise, the paint in the gun will dry and block, which will affect the normal use of the gun.

2. The specific cleaning method of auto spray gun

Turn off the compressed air, remove the paint storage tank, pour the paint in the gun back into the paint storage tank, pour the paint in the tank into the container; pour about 1/4 volume of solvent into the paint storage tank to rinse, install Paint storage tank, connect to compressed air, rock and spray several times; disassemble the nozzle, clean it with solvent and install it; wipe off the paint on the gun body.

3. Main matters of auto spray gun

When washing the spray gun, pay attention to the following points: use a soft brush when brushing, prohibit the use of metal brushes, and do not use hard objects to poke and scrape, to prevent the nozzle from being worn and changing the shape of the jet; The anti-residual paint attached to the machine parts and the lubricating oil on the gun can be wiped with a soft cloth dipped in solvent; the knurled parts on the auto spray gun are adjusted by hand, avoiding the use of pliers; Drop lubricating oil at the pin shaft of the machine; regularly use light grease or Vaseline to lubricate the needle valve and needle valve spring, and do not use oil containing silicon.

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