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Spraying Paint with Spray Gun and Cleaning After Spraying

Spraying Paint with Spray Gun and Cleaning After Spraying

1. Use spray gun to spray paint

Before spraying, it is necessary to check whether the spraying effect of the paint spray gun is normal on the waste, and then keep the paint spray gun nozzle and the object to be sprayed at a distance of 12-20 cm (pay attention to a constant distance to avoid uneven paint spraying), and to ensure that the spray gun and the plane of the object to be sprayed are kept vertical, the next spraying should overlap with the last spraying track by 1/3 to ensure that the paint spraying thickness and hue are saturated.

When moving the spray gun, try to make the spray gun move in a straight line at a uniform speed. If the spray gun moves too fast, the surface of the paint will be too rough after the paint dries; too slow moving speed will make the surface paint thicker and affect the overall effect.

Generally, when using a paint spray gun, spray from top to bottom, because this allows the paint flowing down from above to be covered and dissolved by the newly sprayed paint below. When spraying vertical objects such as walls, the moving speed of the paint spray gun can be appropriately increased to prevent the paint from accumulating too much and flowing downward, affecting the spraying effect of the lower part.

2. Cleaning of the paint spray gun after spraying

1) Cleaning after spraying nitrocellulose paint

When you need to clean the spray gun, remove the compressed air hose and the paint cup, and then press the trigger to let the paint accumulated in the spray gun drip back into the paint cup. After completing these steps, you can clean the spray gun thoroughly as described above. After the spray gun paint is used, it is not necessary to clean it every time. It is only necessary to clean the spray gun when the spray gun is not used or the paint color is changed.

After cleaning, there may be a little thinner in the paint cup. You can put the paint cup back on the industrial paint gun without paying attention to it and wait for the next use. After the final cleaning, do not press the trigger again to prevent the thinner accumulated in the spray gun from flowing back into the paint cup, so as to ensure that the internal parts are clean and prevent adhesion (note: this method cannot be used in the case of using water-based paint).

2) Cleaning after spraying water-based paint

After each spraying, the water-based paint should be poured back into the paint can as soon as possible, and then the paint spray gun should be rinsed with clean water. After controlling the paint in the spray gun, add a little water to the paint cup, shake it enough and spray it out from the nozzle. Wipe off any paint left on the surface of the spray gun, and then you can put it in the sink for cleaning.

Turn the paint spray gun upside down in the sink and flush the siphon with warm water to let the water flow out of the nozzle. Wipe or blow dry all accessories after cleaning. If the paint cup has a lid, you do not need to empty the paint cup, but leave the remaining nitrocellulose paint or water-based paint in the paint cup and only clean the paint spray gun.

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