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Is the Faster the Car is Painted, the Better? What Are the Specific Steps?

Is the Faster the Car is Painted, the Better? What Are the Specific Steps?

Many car owners think that car painting is just painting, which just takes two or three hours. Yes, from picking up the automotive spray gun to spray paint to baking the paint dry. Thus, some friends will ask, how long does it take to paint a car? Let us explain the process for everyone below.

1. Car reception, confirmation and dispatch

First, the car is handed over to the car paint manufacturer, the service consultant is received, and the car owner communicates with the car owner about the parts and prices of the car paint, as well as the vehicle inspection. After confirmation, the order is issued and the construction order is handed over to the workshop. It takes about 1 hour here.

2. Maintain, disassembly and repair

The sheet metal master got the construction order and started the clock repair. If there is a need to disassemble and repair, it needs to be disassembled and repaired, and the original position should be restored. It is expected to generally take 2-3 hours. Note: Except for those that do not require sheet metal repair or disassembly.

3. After the sheet metal is repaired, it is handed over to spray paint and the treatment before the car paint

After the sheet metal repair is completed, the longer time is the treatment before the car painting, cleaning the repaired surface, evaluating how to work, and masking the non-painting part, etc. There are 12 processes, if the primer is damaged, then it is necessary to prevent rust Processing, the time required to do these procedures is about 2-5 hours.

4. After finishing the pre-treatment of the car painting, then is painting

There are several steps in car painting by best auto paint spray gun. Simply put, they are anti-rust paint, putty, top coat, middle coat primer, and top coat. These are all completed in the paint room. It feels very simple to say. In fact, it depends on whether the paint is good or bad. The time is about 2-4 hours, and there is still an important step in the middle of the grading.

5.Car spray paint finish treatment, trachoma removal, mirror finish treatment

This is our common grinding, polishing and waxing. This time is about 1-2 hours.

6. Quality inspection after car painting and car washing

This step is the time when the customer can be notified to pick up the car. Generally, if there is no problem with this step, it will take about half an hour.

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