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How to Use Auto Spray Gun?

How to Use Auto Spray Gun?

1. The Principle of Auto Spray Gun

The auto spray gun has a pneumatic piston mechanism inside. A stainless-steel spray needle is installed above the piston, and a set of high-tension springs are installed behind the piston. When the supply of compressed air is stopped, the spring will hold the piston and the spray needle forward. At this time, the needle and nozzle are closely matched with high precision to block the flow of liquid. On the contrary, when the compressed air begins to supply, the pressure of the compressed air pushes the piston away, causing a gap between the spray needle and the nozzle to let the liquid eject, and the ejected liquid immediately contacts with the atomizing air to produce the atomizing effect.

2. How to Use Auto Spray Gun?

(1) Sufficient Air

Compressors with sufficient gas production and gas storage tanks with appropriate capacity. The diameter of the compressed air pipeline auto spray gun is the key to obtain sufficient compressed air. In particular, the inner diameter of the compressed spray gun air hose should be at least 8 mm, so as to avoid too much pressure drop. Special hoses for spray paint that are antistatic, thinner, high temperature, wear and pressure resistant should be used.

(2) Clean Compressed Air

Auto spray gun can use air purification system to achieve clean air. As the pressure in the air hose and regulator has been reduced, the air inlet pressure of the spray gun must be detected and adjusted.

(3) Paint Flow Control

According to the paint viscosity and the required adjustment flow, usually the paint flow control button is fully opened.

(4) Nozzle Set

When replacing the nozzle set, choose a set of the same model as the spray gun. The nozzle set includes the inspected needle assembly, nozzle and air cap. The air cap of the automatic spray gun should be placed where the mark is on it. Only original parts can ensure the highest quality and service life.

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