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Do You Know an Auto Paint Spray Gun?

Do You Know an Auto Paint Spray Gun?

1. Brief Introduction of Auto Paint Spray Gun

Auto paint spray gun is a kind of auto paint gun accessories, which mainly uses the principle of compressed air to compress and atomize paint into fine paint mist. In the painting process, the compressed paint can be sprayed onto the car by simply pressing the switch. Compared with the above manual painting, not only the efficiency is improved, but the aesthetics of the spraying is also better. It is mainly composed of spray cap, nozzle, needle valve, gun body and pressure tank.

2. Types of Auto Paint Spray Gun

As an auto paint spray gun, it can be divided mainly according to its use type and function. Generally, it can be divided into automatic spray gun and manual spray gun according to the type of use. According to the function, it can be divided into electrostatic spray gun and high-pressure spray gun. And according to the different principles, it can also be classified into more detailed categories, such as air pressure, paint pressure, and loose surface.

3. How to Use the Auto Paint Spray Gun?

As a car owner, if it is self-painting, it is recommended that the car owner use an electrostatic paint spray gun, and most 4S shops currently use this kind of paint spray gun. And because it is electrostatic spray paint, it has a certain degree of conductivity and adsorption, and the spray effect is also better. It should be checked for defects in the best auto paint spray gun before use, and it can be used after confirming that there is no problem. Then adjust the amount of conductive spray paint, and the paint spray gun should be about 20 to 30 cm away from the car body. Keep the spray gun perpendicular to the paint surface and turn on the switch. If you find that the spray is not complete, you can consider spraying one more layer.

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