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Automatic Spraying Equipment Requires the Best Method of Stable Spraying!

Automatic Spraying Equipment Requires the Best Method of Stable Spraying!

The most important thing in the automatic coating line is spraying. The reason is that the higher the proportion of qualified products that can be sprayed, the greater the output and the higher the natural efficiency will be. Therefore, controlling the stability of the spraying system is the most important thing we need to pay attention on. And where should we start?

The first is to choose an auto spray gun with better stability and spraying effect.

At the first glance, automatic spray guns should pay attention to the quality of their appearance and workmanship. Then choose the spray cap and the spray gun with the higher precision of the needle nozzle. Although you do not need to choose the best and most expensive one, you must choose the best and most suitable spraying effect on the product.

The second is to choose a good and stable fuel supply system.

The oil supply system generally chooses a pneumatic diaphragm pump here. And the number of automatic spray guns that we need determines how powerful a diaphragm pump is. Diaphragm pumps work at intervals, so there will be a certain pulse when pumping oil. In this way, we have to cooperate with a large flow regulator valve to stabilize our oil pressure. In order to clean the paint, a filter is installed in front of the large flow regulator valve to clean the paint.

Third, in order to ensure that the paint does not settle and solidify, a pneumatic mixer is required.

The main function of the pneumatic mixer is to stir the paint at all times to ensure that the paint is evenly mixed without precipitation and solidification. In this case, the diaphragm pump is not easy to extract the solidified body with relatively large particles. This effectively prevents or reduces the clogging of the automatic spray gun and destroys the spraying effect.

By this way, the stability of the spray system can be basically guaranteed. At the same time, learn the performance of each spray product can also help you match the equipment more effectively.

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